Executive Master of Business Administration

The MBA program is one of the most demanding and highly accepted Business programs in the region. The program is constantly updated and monitored by a high-power, independent academic council. This program emphasizes discussion, seminar, workshop and project-based methods. It also digs into managerial experience and research, and research-based learning in combination with textbooks.

Program Length

Students will normally complete the requirements for the degree within a maximum of two year from the date of their admission. The time limit may be extended up to seven years. Under certain circumstances, the time limit may be extended upon request to the Advisor of the program.

Course Load

Minimum nine credits (or three courses); maximum fifteen credits (or five courses) per semester. Permission of the MBA program office is required for exceptions.

Credit Transfer and Course Waiver

Both waivers and transfer may be allowed for courses completed in other universities. Waiver Is allowed only for foundation courses and transfer may be allowed for courses which are equivalent to ULAB graduate level courses.

Residency Requirement:

Students must complete a minimum of 28 credits at ULAB to earn MBA degree.

Financial Information:

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Admission Requirements for Graduate Admission

  • Minimum GPA of 2.00 (or third class/division) in Bachelor degrees with: Minimum GPA of 2.5 both in SSC and HSC examinations or equivalent,
  • Or, At least one GPA of 2.00 but aggregate GPA of 6.00 in SSC and HSC,
  • Or, O’Level in 5 subjects wiht a minimum GPA 2.50 & A’Level in 2 subjects with a minimum GPA 2.00 (A=5,B=4,C=3,D=2,E=1)
  • Or, Average 450 marks out of 800 in GED with five subjects (bellow 410 in any subject is not allowed)
  • Or, International Baccalaureate/American High School Diploma.
  • Or, Sons/daughters of freedom fighters with an aggregate GPA of 5.00 in SSC and HSC.

Basis for Admission

(i) Prior academic achievements; and
(ii) Acceptable admission test scores or a minimum of 550 in TOEFL and 500 in GMAT.

Admission Form:

Admission form is available for Tk. 500.00. Admission form must be filled in properly and submitted to the admission office. Completed admission forms must include copies of marks-sheet, certificates & testimonials of previous examinations (SSC & HSC or “0” & “A” levels, graduate degrees) and four copies of recent passport-size photographs.

Course Summary:

The MBA program consists of foundation courses (7), workshops (3), core courses (5), concentration courses (4) & one capstone course. The details are given below.

Type of Course Credit
Foundation courses (7) 21
Workshops (3) 6
Core Courses (5) 15
Concentration Courses (4) 12
Capstone Courses (1) 3
Total 57

Capstone Course:

After successful completion of all functional area (Core) courses students integrate the acquired concepts by a process of synthesis accomplished through the course Strategic Management. MBA600 Strategic Management.

Double Majors/Major-Minor:

The students are allowed to do double major or ‘a major & a minor’. Students may take two additional courses from a second area, which will be considered as a minor. Students already graduated may also be allowed to do relevant courses for concentration for which a separate certificate will be issued by the Program Chair.